Applying to PF Squads


To apply for VBI Squads simply complete the application form below. Squads applications are evaluated on a rolling basis and we anticipate to fill up very fast. As a result, we strongly suggest applying sooner rather than later if you’d like to join Squads.

After your application is received, you will receive an emailed invoice for the $500 deposit.  Once the deposit payment is made, we will process your application. If you're applying for financial aid, then your application will be considered complete once you've filled out the form.

If accepted, you will receive an invoice for the remainder of tuition ($2200) and will have one week to complete payment. If your application is not accepted, the deposit payment will be fully refunded. We will also contact you if any openings become available in the future. 

We aim to make squads balanced on a variety of dimensions such as debate experience and interests.


Student Name *
Student Name
Student Phone *
Student Phone
Parent/Guardian Name *
Parent/Guardian Name
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Parent/Guardian Phone
If your school has a debate team with a coach or administrator, you must have their permission to participate in Squads.
Squad members are all expected to be active and contributing to the Squad throughout their season.
Please note if the experience is in an event other than Public Forum.
Such as: speaker awards, debate club leadership position, novice coaching, etc.
To which if the following tournaments is the applicant going to make a concerted effort to qualify?
Limit to 200 words or less.
Limit to 200 words or less.
Please have the student read the following student conduct policy and verify that they agree to it: *
1. You must follow all Squad coach instructions, tournament rules, school rules, and federal, state, and local laws. 2. If your school has a coach or teacher in charge of your debate team, you will get their express written permission BEFORE completing your Squads application. 3. You must make your best effort to ensure timely and quality completion of Dropbox assignments. Assignments will be based off of student's experience level and debate interests. Any debate materials you create must be shared with your Squad. You are also encouraged to share any materials you create with your school teammates. But you may not share materials created by other Squad members (or coaches) with anyone outside your Squad. Nor are you permitted to share materials created by your school teammates with your Squad, without permission of your school's coach and teammates. 4. We do not tolerate bullying, harassment, or discrimination of any kind, targeted towards any individual or group. 5. If your school has academic eligibility requirements in order for you to compete, you must meet those requirements in order to participate in Squad activities. 6. You must provide full source citations and your initials when cutting evidence. You may not engage in plagiarism, evidence fabrication, misrepresentation, doctoring, nonconsensual citation or circulation, or other research misconduct. If you have a question about evidence ethics, please consult your Squad coaches.
Please have the parent/guardian read the following terms and conditions. *
1. Your application is considered incomplete until you pay a $500 deposit. The deposit is refundable only if your application is rejected. If your application is accepted, you owe the remaining amount ($2200). 2. We cannot provide refunds for any reason other than application rejection. 3. If your student violates the rules of Victory Briefs Squads, they may be prohibited from continued participation immediately. 4. If your school has a debate coach or administrator, their permission is required for participation. If they do not grant permission, or if they revoke permission, we still cannot refund any portion of tuition—it is your responsibility to secure their permission BEFORE APPLYING. 5. When your application is accepted, you must pay the remaining amount within four business days. Otherwise, your spot may be given to another applicant without refund of the deposit. 6. Students may not switch between Squads. 7. The Squads coaching staff is subject to change. We cannot provide refunds or allow switching Squads even if the staff changes. 8. With the exception of those who have paid at least the deposit, the price of Squads is subject to change without notice. 9. Victory Briefs will periodically email parents and students with news about Squads or related products or services. Unsubscribing from these emails may lead to important information being missed. 10. By indicating below, you agree to all terms and conditions, including to pay all fees by the dates stated above for the sessions chosen.
Lying about having a coach/administrator's permission is grounds to have an application rejected and forfeits the ability to receive the deposit refunded. Please email if you have questions about this.