PF Program Details


Membership Benefits

Our Public Forum Squad will have 2 primary coaches and numerous Guest Seminar Leaders. The application will be on a rolling admissions basis but spots are extremely limited so we encourage you to apply quickly for the best chance at admission. If you join our PF Squad, you'll get access to the following things for the entire season:

  • Shared Dropbox - Access to a curated squad Dropbox with materials contributed by the coaches and debaters throughout the season.

  • Teammates - Debate can be a draining experience and Squads helps connect you with other motivated debaters to share ideas, prepare together, and forge friendships.

  • Practice - Participation in weekly all-squad practices, which will involve tournament preparation, topic analysis, squad discussions, etc. A recording of each practice will be made available for anyone unable to attend.

  • Individual Sessions- Individual private sessions every other week with one of the dedicated squad coaches. These sessions can be used for practice debates, drills, discussion, etc.

  • Guest Seminars - Guest seminars led by distinguished instructors, coaches, and former debaters.

  • Case Feedback - Thorough feedback from coaches on your affirmative and negative positions on every topic.

  • Shared Online Workspace - Collaborate with squad coaches and members on a shared online workspace.

  • Parent/Guardian & Coach Updates - Regular progress updates from the Squads manager to parents/guardians and coaches about what their student is working on.


Squad members agree to the following student conduct policy:

  1. You must follow all Squad coach instructions, tournament rules, school rules, and federal, state, and local laws.

  2. If your school has a coach or teacher in charge of your debate team, you must get their express written approval to participate in Squads.

  3. You must make your best effort to ensure timely and quality completion of dropbox assignements. Any debate materials you create must be shared with your Squad. You are also encouraged to share any materials you create with your school teammates. But you may not share materials created by other Squad members (or coaches) with anyone outside your Squad. Nor are you permitted to share materials created by your school teammates with your Squad, without permission of your school's coach and teammates.

  4. We do not tolerate bullying, harassment, or discrimination of any kind, targeted towards any individual or group.

  5. If your school has academic eligibility requirements in order for you to compete, you must meet those requirements in order to participate in Squad activities.

  6. You must provide full source citations and your initials when cutting evidence. You may not engage in plagiarism, evidence fabrication, misrepresentation, doctoring, nonconsensual citation or circulation, or other research misconduct. If you have a question about evidence ethics, please consult your Squad coaches.

Tuition & Scholarships

Membership in our Squad costs $2700 for the year. That's $270 per month for three coaches & numerous additional resources from August through June—less expensive than many individual coaches charge for fewer services.  

We require a $500 deposit with your application and the remainder upon acceptance. The deposit is refundable only if your application is rejected. Because each Squad works as a team throughout the year, tuition is not refundable for any reason after membership begins, and cannot be prorated on a monthly or per-topic basis. 

Victory Briefs seeks to make debate coaching available to all students regardless of their background and financial situation, where possible and as our funds allow. Scholarships are awarded based on demonstrated financial need, dedication to debate, and a student's contribution to a diverse and welcoming educational environment. Click here to apply for a Squads Scholarship.