Here’s what our past members had to say about Victory Briefs Squads:

Past Member Satisfaction

We frequently solicit feedback from our members to ensure that they have the absolute best experience possible. In our final student evaluation our members were asked, "There are so many different options for coaching resources, in retrospect, are you glad you chose Victory Briefs Squads?" 100% of respondents indicated that they were glad with their choice


“Working with the coaches was really great. They were beyond helpful in both increasing my technical skill (ie speed/efficiency/etc) and expanding my content knowledge... Overall, squads has really helped me improve my skills throughout they year and there's no way I would have had any of the success I've achieved without the help”

Quality coaching

“Victory Briefs squads is a way to work with extremely experienced and honored coaches, as well as cultivate relationships with debate peers and overall have a strong community to support you while debating–it is a great choice if you want to make the leap from mediocre or poor debating to better debating”

Individual attention

“The private sessions were incredibly helpful; they helped improve my tech and content mastery throughout the season as well as figure out my overall strategy approaching different tournaments. Private sessions were so beneficial!”


“The workspace is great, I often get into debates and I use it as a valuable resource to talk with others and learn as a squad”


“Squads has provided me coaching and peers to work with on national circuit debate that I had never had before; with them, I no longer felt like I was alone, or some random debater at tournaments, I had a team and coaches that I was apart of. More than just improving my skill, squads has given me a team that I know I can rely on for support and friendship”


“It was really cool to see myself grow as a debater and I know that I definitively improved!”