For Students



Shared Dropbox - Access to a curated squad Dropbox with materials contributed by the coaches and debaters throughout the season.

Teammates - Debate can be a draining experience and Squads helps connect you with other motivated debaters to share ideas, prepare together, and forge friendships. 

Practice - Participation in a weekly all-squad practice, which may involve; tournament preparation, topic analysis, squad discussions, etc. A recording of the practice will be made available for anyone unable to attend.

Sessions - Three one-on-one sessions per topic with one of the dedicated squad coaches. These sessions can be used for activities such as: practice debates, drills, discussion, etc.

Guest Seminars - Guest seminars led by distinguished instructors, coaches, and former debaters.

Case Feedback - Thorough feedback from the coaches your affirmative & negative positions on every topic.

Shared Online Workspace - Collaborate with the squad coaches & members on a shared online workspace.

Parent/Guardian & Coach Updates - Regular progress updates from the Squads manager to parents/guardians and coaches about what their student is working on.

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